EUROTAS Newsletter No. 49

12 June 2008

Board of Administrators: Vitor Rodrigues; President, Bernadette Blin-Lery, Elena Francisc, Ingo Jahrsetz and Beata Bishop
Newsletter Editor: John Drew

Please sign up to the Barcelona Conference – see 2 below


1. Letter from the President

2. Barcelona Eurotas Conference

3. International Journal of Transpersonal Psychology now online

4. Summer Retreat and New Transpersonal Breathwork Training

5. Eurotas Delegates Meeting; Barcelona, 29 and 30 October

6. The Scientific and Medical Network: August Conference and next
London Meeting

7. GRETT: Rites of Passage seminar; Bernadette and Francis

8. Some Transpersonal Events in Scotland

9. Quiet Spaces

10. Stan Grof Seminars in Switzerland and California

11. The Eurotas Website

12. Forgiving Freiburg

13. Last Words

1. Letter from the President

Dear EUROTAS friends,

I am very happy to see the developments going on with the planning of our next EUROTAS Conference. Magda Sole and her team are doing a wonderful job and I have seen lots of proposals for talks and workshops that look… tasty, to say the least. Some of them coming from people we have seen around and who will bring their customary brilliance to the event and others from people who haven’t seen around yet but who will certainly make great contributions… So please support the Conference by going to the website at and making your registration and payment as soon as you can. The costs of lodging are great and the venue looks excellent! Besides that, Barcelona is famous for being a very nice town to visit. Just recall, for instances, that among many other wonders from him, the very famous cathedral that Antoni Gaudi planned is still being built there – as it used to happen in the Medieval Ages. A good symbol for us indeed: Spirituality under construction…

Also recently I sent a letter around on the subject of defining what we are up to in the Transpersonal Movement and I got a lot of very interesting letters and positive reactions. Since it would be a pity not to make good use of them, John suggested their publication in a separate Newsletter… so that is what will happen soon, along with my answers and some very interesting documents from John Drew and also Pier Luigi Lattuada.

In this letter you will also find some important news. Just to choose a couple of them, the Scientific and Medical Network is obviously keeping the high quality work – take a look at their new Conference - and also the International Journal of Transpersonal Psychology is now available online at free cost – but please don’t forget that later you will have the opportunity of buying a paper copy and that will support the Journal.

I wish you all a very warm, happy summer

Vitor Rodrigues

2. Tenth EUROTAS Conference in Barcelona, 29 October – 2 November 2008

The Planet, culture and consciousness – the development of humanity in the 21st Century

Planeta, cultura i consciència. Desenvolupant la humanitat del segle XXI

A note from Magda Sole and her Barcelona Team

Dear Friends
We are glad to tell you that over 100 people have registered for the Congress from 26 countries, so this is a great start. We have a wide range of lectures and workshops and there is still an opportunity to offer a contribution if you have not done so already, but hurry please and let us know.
If you haven’t registered for the Congress it’d be a good moment to do it. There are a few places left.
The Conference will be held at The Youth Hostel - Nature School “Delta del

The cost of the Conference and four days full board is €320.
See the website for more details: http://
The whole ACT team is feeling very enthusiastic and we would love you to contribute with your work. Please remember it is of a high importance to register and make the payment if you want to be listed in the programme. .Nice to hear from you soon!
A warm hug! and "Love for all cultures, light for consciousness and peace for our lovely planet."
Magda Solé and team
TEL 34 932800989 and http://act-

3. International Journal of Transpersonal Psychology now

Dear Friend of Transpersonal Studies,

We are pleased to announce the online publication of the 2007 issue of the International Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, available at no charge on the IJTS website:

Please review the issue at your earliest convenience, and pass this information on to any of your colleagues or students who might be interested. Now that it is available free, we hope to greatly increase our readership. Note that IJTS will be available for purchase in hard copy later this year through a link on this same website.

IJTS is committed to maintaining its status as a high-quality peer-reviewed journal in the transpersonal field, continuing a tradition that is now more than 25 years in the making. We hope to soon be listed on abstracting data bases to increase our visibility. We also would appreciate suggestions for other sites to which we can link or otherwise promote IJTS.

As a friend of transpersonal studies, we value your continued participation and support. Please feel free to contact us with any feedback or suggestions about the website or the current issue.

Note that there are a few updates that will be made to the editorial board: Les Lancaster is our Coordinating Editor, and Doug MacDonald and Sam Shapiro will also be listed as Editors Emeriti.

Please watch for the 2008 issue of IJTS online this summer.

Call for Submissions:

The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies is now accepting new submissions for its 2009 issue. Please send manuscripts to Glenn Hartelius: <> (please do not add this e-mail to bulk mailing lists). Further submission guidelines are available at the IJTS website: We would like to receive submissions from a wide range of international contributors, and on a variety of transpersonal-related topics, so please encourage students and colleagues to submit their work to IJTS.

About the International Journal of Transpersonal Studies (IJTS)

IJTS is an in-print and online peer-reviewed journal that has been in publication since 1981 (the first 11 years as the Australian Journal of Transpersonal Psychology). It is dedicated to a broad range of interdisciplinary topics relevant to the transpersonal field. For further information, see: <>
Many thanks for your valued participation in IJTS,

Harris Friedman

Glenn Hartelius

4. Summer Retreat and New Transpersonal Breathwork Training - Germany

Ingo Jahrsetz and Judith Miller have two very interesting projects which they are working on, the summer-retreat and the new three-years-training in Transpersonal Breathwork. Ingo writes:

“Our summer-retreat now has a tradition of some seven or eight years. Judith and I started this work because we know that the western spiritual path leading to spiritual maturity has to include the German-Jewish disaster and a deep level of consciousness. We have both facilitated workshops with Holotropic Breathwork for many years. Both of us had the experience that themes of Nazi-camps, Hitlerism etc. often appeared very clear and detailed within deep consciousness-experiences of participants; and they even appeared in persons who were born in the 1950s or 60s or later. Out of these experiences we started the summer-retreats. We felt very moved when people took the opportunity to open up these deep shadows, when they worked it through, and then came out in a being of unconditional love and Christ-consciousness.

At our beginning we thought that this work would mainly be addressed to German and Jewish participants. In 2004 we presented it at an ITA conference in California where we met a very big interest. This year we called the retreat "Reaching Spiritual Maturity, more details – are on my website there you also may find information about our planned three-years training group "Transpersonal Breathwork". We offer this three-year training-group for psychotherapists and interested workers in the social field. We teach the technique of Holotropic Breathwork, give an opportunity to learn about the connectedness and inter-relatedness of spiritual and psychotherapeutic understandings. We offer insights about emotional structures, therapeutical transference in breathwork, and we give introductions in spiritual traditions like Vipassana, the Hero's journey.

The main focus of this three-years training will be on intense experiences with an enhanced consciousness; it will offer challenges for the individual live-processes and spiritual paths. We will create a safe container for all these experiences, and will give spiritual company and guidance.”

With good wishes
Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz

5. Eurotas Delegates Meeting; Barcelona, Wednesday 29th October

Here is the Agenda for the Eurotas Delegates Meeting prior to the Barcelona EUROTAS Conference. The Delegates meeting will take place on the afternoon of Wednesday 29 October and the Morning of Thursday 30 October. It is hoped that Delegates from all EUROTAS countries will be able to attend and to vote. Others interested to contribute are also very welcome although they will not be asked to vote. Proposals for Board Members with the names of a Seconder should be sent to Vitor Rodrigues, the President of EUROTAS as soon as possible

1.The minutes of our last meeting in Freiburg
2.Election of Board members
3.The proposed Eurotas Advisory Council of Elders
4.New member associations
5.The new legal status of EUROTAS in Austria
6.The possibility of EUROTAS membership for individuals
7.EUROTAS finances and payments
8.The ECTP state of the art
9.The EUROTAS website and its progress: initiatives from Elena, Vladimir, Ingo and John
10. Any Other Business

6. The Scientific and Medical Network: August Conference and next London meeting

The Body and Beyond: Cross-Culturally Understanding of Subtle Energy.

Organised by Scientific and Medical Network, a membership organization which explores the frontiers of science, consciousness and spirituality.

This is the first conference in a new series, which will investigate the many ways in which the body interacts with the world other than just physically. Mainstream Western philosophical traditions recognise only the physical aspects of the body, sidelining all the other ways in which we experience the world through our bodies in a non-physical way. Notwithstanding, other cultures and esoteric western traditions do recognise and consider how the body manifests and interacts with the world in other, subtler ways. This conference is designed to open up the field for exploration of new models of subtle bodies and subtle energy and our speakers will give us cross-cultural perspectives and enlarge our understanding of the relationship between the physical and the subtle as mediated by consciousness and intention. We hope that this in turn will contribute to reformulating our understanding of what it is to be human.

Venue: Bath Spa University
Dates: 22-24 August 2008

Speakers: Dr. Ornella Corazza, Clare Goodrick-Clarke, Prof. Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, Paul Hougham, Prof. Nagatomo Shigenori, Dr. Gay Watson

For further information go to, email or phone 01608 652 000.

Here is the information regarding the next meeting of the London Group:
Thursday - 17th July
Edi Bilimoria - Beethoven and the A-Lonely Triumph over Spiritual Suffering
´Kill out all ambition, but live like one ambitious.´ This famous saying from the mystical verses from Light on the Path encapsulates Beethoven’s whole approach to his great Art. This lecture will show how Beethoven sacrificed every personal necessity to the cause of his Art and that his inspiration drew directly from the highest fountain of religious feeling, philosophical insights and spiritual wisdom. His personal trials and tribulations were the stepping stones to his ultimate triumph over adversity, his mission in life and his destiny were fused. He scaled the lofty heights alone.

Edi D. Bilimoria (DPHIL, FIMECHE, CENG) works as a Consultant Engineer for the transport, petrochemical, construction and oil and gas industries. He is a keen musician and pianist, an international lecturer for the Theosophical Society and an active participator and lecturer for The Scientific & Medical Network. Edi is the author of The Snake and the Rope - Problems in Western Science Resolved by Occult Science.

We meet at 7:30pm for drinks etc aiming for an 8pm start, when parking restrictions are lifted. The venue is 38 Denning Road, London NW3 1SU (nearest tube station is Hampstead on the Northern Line or Hampstead Heath on the Overground) and the fee is £8 for members and £10 for guests. Please let me know you are coming so I can anticipate numbers. Friends are welcome.

For information on future meetings and summaries of previous presentations, go to the London Group page of our website, where members can also listen to recordings of presentations by logging in via the Members Circle.

Claudia Nielsen

London Group Co-Ordinator - The Scientific and Medical Network
London Group Homepage (SMN Members' Circle)
SMN Homepage:

Local Groups are autonomous groups of members and their guests, meeting together for lectures and discussions. They are not a formal part of the Network

7. GRETT: Rites of Passage seminar; Bernadette and Francis

Voyage au couer de soi - Rites of passage

du Dimanche 6 Juillet au Samedi 12 Juillet 2008
au Domaine du Sablou – Montignac (24)

Animé par Bernadette BLIN et Francis LERY

Pendant une semaine, offrez-vous l’opportunité de franchir une étape dans votre vie : surmonter une difficulté, un blocage ou tout simplement avancer sur votre chemin de vie. Vous aurez l’occasion de vivre plusieurs expériences de Respiration Holotropique et aussi d’expérimenter d’autres « outils » d’exploration de soi ou de guérison : travail corporel, danse, exercices chamaniques, méditation, sweat-lodge, rituels de passage.

Pour faciliter plus encore le passage et favoriser un nettoyage en profondeur, nous vous offrons la possibilité d’associer deux approches, de façon optionnelle en séance individuelle : - L’astrologie avec
Françoise HEYBERGER, astrologue expérimentée qui approfondira vos cycles, vos transitions, et dans quel passage de votre vie vous vous trouvez.
- La ré harmonisation énergétique avec Rose DASSIN, thérapeute, formée à l’animathérapie, praticienne en méthode psycho corporelle.
François DEBOUZY, ostéopathe, formé à l’Animathérapie,
Ils proposeront une méthode de traitement manuelle et douce. Associée au souffle et à l’intention elle permet de libérer les mémoires inscrites et bloquées dans le corps pour dénouer et libérer l’énergie afin de se reprogrammer au présent. Elle offre un complément très riche au travail de Respiration Holotropique

L’équipe de l’IRETT Tél : 01 30 37 17 31 E-mail :

8. Some Transpersonal Events in Scotland

Please find below links for transpersonal and Jungian events taking place in and around Edinburgh during 2008.

9. Quiet Spaces

Friday 20th June 8.30 pm - 10.00
Dorchester Abbey, Dorchester-on-Thames,

Quietness is a rare commodity in the 21st century yet it is something recognised as having the ability to soothe, heal and restore, opening the way for growth and re-creation.
The sacred space within our Abbey walls is known for its gentle and quiet welcome and we are now inviting visitors to absorb this enriching atmosphere in a series of quiet spaces evenings. To launch this series we are inviting the public to

contemplate Carl Gabriel’s interfaith wire sculptures,
meditate on the symbolism within the new High Altar frontal,
walk the labyrinth,
and enjoy a glass of wine.

Celebrating the presence of God through worship and art is among the aims of the Abbey community and we hope you will join us on Friday 20th June 8.30 pm - 10.00 when you can enjoy all of the above in the golden evening light of the year’s the longest day.
Entry is free but donations are encouraged to sustain this project.

The Contemporary Arts in Dorchester Abbey.

10. Stan Grof Seminars in Switzerland and California

Dear Bernadette,

Can you share this with people in France who might be interested in coming? As you can see, the tradition of the Eranos meetings is being renewed.

Love, Stan

June 16-17, Ascona, Switzerland: Eranos Foundation, “Psyche and Cosmos in the 21st Century: Archetypes, Synchronicity, and Astrology,” Two-day seminar with Stanislav Grof and Richard Tarnas. More information: tel.: +41 (0) 91 792 36 62

July 6-11, Big Sur, California: "Psyche, Cosmos, and the Arts," Five-day workshop with Richard Tarnas and Stanislav Grof. More
information: Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA, tel.: 831.667-3005

11. The Eurotas Website

The Eurotas website is going to develop soon thanks to inputs from Ingo Jahrsetz, Elena Francisc and of course our webmaster David Allen. Please may I ask you to look at it from the point of view of your Association and yourself? What would you like to add to it? Are there any changes that should be made? Please use it and encourage others to do so it will improve. We now we have a chance. Vladimir Maykov offered his website material to move the whole project forward. It needs your help. If you would like to offer some help please contact David or Ingo or Elena.
Their details are:
Ingo Jahrsetz
David Allen

12. Forgiving Freiburg

How can we ever forget this very special EUROTAS conference? We do not have to forget it because the post-conference website includes many pictures ... memories of the conference, interesting presenters and file downloads

Please do look at if you were there or if you were not there. There are so many rich experiences, details of the conference, photographs, lecture and workshop outlines

13. Last Words

Creating the Future

“It is our duty to remain optimists. The future is open. It is not predetermined and thus cannot be predicted – except by accident. The possibilities that lie in the future are infinite. When I say ‘it is our duty to remain optimists’ this includes not only the openness of the future, but also that which all of us contribute to it by everything we do: we are all responsible for what the future holds in store.”

Sir Karl Popper; the Myth of the Framework, p. xiii
Please let the editor have material about your association or yourself - in any language with a translation into English which we will edit for you. Contributions should only be about 20 lines. Please do not send long contributions without editing them yourself as you know the most important points to include!