Reduced participation fee

Dearest family,

All of you've been in our minds and hearts from the beginning, when we were thinking about which could be the best setting for the EUR0TAS Conference. We were searching for the ideal place in Barcelona and surroundings, an economic one as we were thinking especially of the difficulties some may have to come and join us. Well, we think we definitely found it. The prices are so low (only € 40.- per day for lodging and three good Spanish meals, compared with usual prices in Barcelona of over a € 100.- a day) that they approach the Eastern European prices.

Although we presume that many of our people from low budget countries can afford to come as it is, we understand it's still a great effort for some. This is why we're still thinking about how to make an special price for special cases. As there is a mínimum of participants needed to cover all the expenses, and we still don't know if that number of people will come to the Conference, here is what we suggest: All of you who think to need a reduced price for registration of the conference (we can't reduce lodging prices), please, write us explaining your situation. We guess we'll know, our economical possibilities later, when more people have decided to register.

The organization of the Associació Catalana Transpersonal in Barcelona, will decide in contact with the EUROTAS Board and the East-West Foundation what reduction can be applied. You will then be informed after June 12th. We really hope you finally decide to join us then.

Magda Solé

"Love for all cultures, light for consciousness and peace for our lovely planet."

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